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ngt labs IoT platform is empowering a new revolution in connected technologies. We offer Reliable, Scalable, Fast, and Secure solutions. Get your things running in no time with our solutions and start outperforming the competition

We build IoT devices: fast, secure and flexible.

IoT Solutions for Smart City

Many governments around the globe are racing to infuse technology into just about every aspect of city operations including public transport, waste management, water and power management, e-governance and citizen participation by deploying big data analytics and IoT

Our range of Smart City solutions that improve the quality of citizens' lifestyle and accelerates economic growth ranges from smart building and smart parking management to smart energy management, smart waste management, smart lighting, intelligent transport solutions and smart traffic management

Smart IoT Solutions for Smart Home

Imagine a world where everything in our lives is connected to the Internet and to every other thing, from smartphones and computers to our homes’ lights, windows, thermostats, and water systems. A world where all these devices can be in constant communication and remotely controlled by users. With the rapid growth of the IoT, this level of home automation is becoming a reality. IoT was never intended to be a fancy gizmo that would touch just a few areas of life. It is an all-encompassing technology that is finding its way into every conceivable activity.

Our smart home solutions

IoT Solutions for Asset Monitoring and Management

Our asset management solution helps you keep track of your assets and access all relevant information anywhere, anytime. Our expertise in asset management, analytics, cloud, connectivity, enterprise planning, and mobile enables us to provide exceptional IoT solutions based on strategic assessments and roadmaps. We deliver the design, development, implementation, integration, and training necessary to help you succeed.

Fleet Management Solution with AI

Fleet operators are dealing with increasingly complex government regulations aimed at improving safety and reducing environmental impact. Budgetary constraints, softer resale values, staying current with many regulations, and uncertainty over fuel prices are just a few of the industry’s concerns.

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